Character, Formation, and Flourishing Seminar Series


The Human Flourishing Program is hosting "Character, Formation, and Flourishing Seminar Series" 2022-2023. Meetings usually take place every third Wednesday of the month

(cc) 11:00-12:30.



  1. September 14 (Wednesday), 2022: Valuing virtue: Tyler Paytas (Australian Catholic University) on-line.
  2. October 19 (Wednesday), 2022: Virtues, values, and naturalism: Mario DeCaro (Roma Tre: Aretai Center on Virtues) on-line.
  3. November 16 (Wednesday), 2022: Four Accounts of Flourishing as the Aim of Education: A Synthesis and Ten Remaining Problems: Kristjan Kristjansson (Birmingham: Jubilee Center for Character and Virtues) on-line.
  4. December 14 (Wednesday), 2022: The role of character and virtue in contemporary theories of flourishing:  Jonathan Beale (Harvard: Human Flourishing Program)
  5. January 18 (Wednesday) 2023Patience: preliminary thoughts about a neglected virtue: Christian Miller (Wake Forest University: Character Gap)
  6. February 15 (Wednesday), 2023: Promotion of character skills that support loving relationships and flourishing: Christina Hinton (Harvard: Human Flourishing Program) in-person/online.
  7. March 15 (Wednesday), 2023: Patient virtues in palliative care: pain and suffering: Elena Ricci (European University of Rome/Genova University: Aretai Center on Virtues) in-person/visiting scholar.
  8. April 19 (Wednesday), 2023: The neuroscience of virtues: Claudia Navarini (European University of Rome: Aretai Center on Virtues) in-person/visiting scholar.

Convenors: Wojciech Kaftanski and Jeffrey Hanson

Contact person: Wojciech Kaftanski: