Forgiveness: Integrating Theological and Psychological Approaches

Lecture on Forgiveness: 

Title: Forgiveness: Integrating Theological and Psychological Approaches  

Speakers: Stephen Pope, Ph.D., Professor, Professor Boston College, Theology Department, and Richard Cowden, Ph.D., Psychology Research Associate, Human Flourishing Program, Harvard University.

Date: October 19 

Time: 4pm-5:30pm

Location: Emerson Hall 305, Harvard Yard, Harvard


Forgiveness is central to Jesus’s message yet embodying it can be challenging. Emerging psychological research offers insights into how to identify and overcome barriers to forgiveness, yet this work is often done without reference to theological ideas. In this talk, Stephen Pope, professor of theology at Boston College, and Richard Cowden, psychology research associate at the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard, will bring these disciplines together to explore theological and psychological insights about the nature of forgiveness, its importance in the human experience, and how to cultivate it in daily practice. This talk will model how religion and science can work together to further our understanding of how to live a Christian life.   


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