Developing the Inner Conditions to Lead for Social Justice by Matthew T. Lee

November 6, 2020

Director of Empirical Research for the Program, Matthew T. Lee is discussing leadership, social justice and conditions of human flourishing at International Leadership Association, 22nd Annual Conference, Leading at the Edge . He is contributing to a panel "Developing the Inner Conditions to Lead for Social Justice" Fri, November 6, 13:15 to 14:30 EST (19:15 to 20:30 CET).


Short Description

Social justice is an ethical, social, and moral imperative, yet many approaches to social change focus on external conditions and neglect to develop the inner conditions that generate wise leadership. Unless humanity learns to operate at a new level of consciousness, with leaders cultivating their inner wisdom, we will not be able to achieve the sustainable development goals. This panel will explore the role of mindfulness in cultivating the inner conditions of the leader that are necessary if we are to effect social justice and nurture our relationship with mother earth and each other.