Education as Regenerative Space: The First Annual Thought Leadership Webinar [Community of Practice]

May 18, 2021

Education as Regenerative Space

The First Annual Thought Leadership Webinar


May 25, 2021

10:00 am to 11:30 am Eastern Time


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Hosted by the Community of Practice at Harvard University’s Human Flourishing Program

Co-Hosted by ABA; Avenues–The World School; Civics Unplugged; the Consortium for Human Flourishing at St. Louis University; Flourishing Associates; Global Social Leaders; HundrED; Joy, Inc.; the Kern National Network for Caring and Character in Medicine; the Oxford Character Project; Positive ED; Research Schools International; the Shipley School; the Teacher Education for Flourishing Collaborative at Notre Dame of Maryland University

Conference Organizers

  • Dr. Matthew T. Lee (Director of Empirical Research, Founder and Convener of the Community of Practice, Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University)
  • Justin Blake (Global Representative–UK Lead, HundrED)
  • Dr. Christina Hinton (Founder and CEO, Research Schools International; Research Affiliate, Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University)


Research suggests that many people are languishing – only 17% are “flourishing.”  The vast majority of employees are not “engaged” at work and many of the planet’s life-support systems are in serious decline.2  This raises an urgent question: “How might classrooms and educational systems serve as more regenerative spaces that support human flourishing and planetary well-being?”  Members of the Harvard Human Flourishing Program’s Community of Practice have been exploring this question for two years (see, for example, this recent podcast).  This inaugural event of our annual series provides an opportunity to share what our members and guest experts have learned and to expand the conversation to a broader audience.  Each session features five-minute “flash talks” by educational leaders and time for conversation with the audience.  These conversations will explore the meaning of “regenerative space” in education, in light of the presenters’ brief reflections on how their educational research or practice promotes human flourishing and healthy lifestyles.


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