The Good Life, According to Data by Tyler J. VanderWeele [Common Good, Issue 6]

September 29, 2021

Tyler J. VanderWeele's (Program Director) new contribution to "Common Good" entitled "The Good Life, According to Data" is now out (Issue 6). In this piece, Prof. VanderWeele explains the Program's approach to the subject of flourishing.

We are in fact trying to bring together the humanities and the empirical social sciences. And so we have on our program staff not only sociologists and psychologists and epidemiologists and statisticians, but also philosophers, theologians, and historians. We really think that knowledge about human flourishing would benefit from this interdisciplinary approach and that each of the disciplines has something unique to contribute. But then once it comes time to understand what factors and forces within society are shaping well-being, and how can we effectively promote well-being in practice, the empirical social sciences have an important role to play.


The whole inerview is available under this link: