Matthew Lee interviewed on "The Success 2.0 Podcast"

August 27, 2018
Matthew Lee Podcast Interview, Success 2.0

HFH Director of Empirical Research Matthew Lee was recently interevied by C.J. McClanahan of the Success 2.0 Podcast. The title of the episode is "The Effects of Benevolent Service" where Dr. Lee discusses:

  • How Dr. Lee landed a position at Harvard University researching love, after spending many years studying the darkside of human nature.
  • The correlation between altruistic service and personal gratification.
  • Dr. Lee’s work with kids in recovery from alcohol, drugs, and various forms of delinquencies.
  • Systems for creating more ‘loving’ environments in the workplace.
  • How compassionate company cultures help businesses to flourish.

To listen, go to: