Profiles and Perspectives on Prevention and Religious Community Engagement

Jetta Bernier
Jetta Bernier, MSc, Executive Director, MassKids

Massimo Faggioli
Massimo Faggioli, PhD, Professor of Historical Theology, Villanova University 

Praveen Gomez
Praveen Gomez, Head of Programmes and Strategy, Alliance Development Trust


Laura Bramon Hassan, MA, Director, International Programs for the Chesterton Society


Rachel Miner
Rachel Miner, Founder and President, Bellwether International

sultana shabira
Shabira Nupur, MSc, Head of Advocacy and Communication, International Rescue Committee Bangladesh


Alicia Simon
Alicia Simon, MA, Vice President, FADICA


Shira Berkovits, PhD, Esq, President and CEO, Sacred Spaces
  Danielle Pitkoff
Danielle Pitkoff, Program Manager, Sacred Spaces


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