Support/Resources for Help


Dear Participant,


The purpose of these pages is to provide you the possibility to access “safe spaces” during the Symposium. During an event like this one, where people are gathered and involved in reflections and discussions around the topic of abuse, it is actually not uncommon to experience a range of emotions (general distress, agitation, fear, anger, sadness, anxiety, anguish, lack of safety...) and disturbing thoughts or memories.


These experiences can stem from the experience of trauma and its impact, and can affect anyone, particularly people who have experienced abuse directly.


What you can find here, is a collection of three options to handle this kind of difficult moment, in order to take care of yourself. Please note that they are not a substitute for receiving professional care. If you are feeling like you need additional support, we encourage you to seek out a professional in your community. However, these options might provide you with some temporary relief to help you navigate what can be a challenging time for you.

Be safe.