• Integrating Knowledge

    Integrating Knowledge Across Disciplines

    The Program aims to bring together various academic disciplines across the university together on important questions.

  • Research


    We bring cutting edge statistical data science together with insights from the humanities on life's most important questions.

  • Interdisciplinary Conferences

    Interdisciplinary Conferences

    The Human Flourishing Program hosts annual interdisciplinary conferences on topics important to human flourishing.

  • Teaching


    Program faculty and research staff offer summer seminars and for-credit courses to the Harvard community.

  • Mentoring Students


    Our program faculty and staff guide and mentor post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, and Harvard college undergraduates.

Our Mission

Founded in 2016, the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard's Institute for Quantitative Social Science aims to contribute to, bring together, and disseminate knowledge from various academic fields on topics fundamental to human flourishing, and to develop and implement systematic approaches to the synthesis of knowledge across disciplines.

Many topics that are fundamental to human well-being such as happiness itself, virtue, religious community, meaning, and purpose have traditionally been viewed as principally falling within the purview of the humanities, often of philosophy or theology. However, a robust empirical research literature on these topics has now developed from sociology, political science, economics, education, psychology, medicine, public health, and other empirical sciences. The program’s research contributes to the broad question of how knowledge from the quantitative social sciences can be integrated with that of the humanities on questions of human flourishing and how best to carry out this synthesis of knowledge across disciplines. The program hopes to bring greater unity to the empirical social sciences and the humanities.

The program produces research publications and sponsors educational activities, such as courses, seminars, and conferences, for the Harvard University community all aimed at bringing knowledge together across disciplines and reflecting upon how knowledge from different disciplines might form a coherent whole.

Our Research Themes

Promotion of Flourishing  Marriage and family   Religious Communities Project
Work and Well-Being  Determinants of purpose  Philosophy of Work

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Seminars and Courses

This fall 2019 we are offering a 7-week short course; for more information click here!

The Human Flourishing Program also offers week-long summer seminars open to students around the country and for-credit courses for Harvard undergraduates and graduate students designed to provide opportunities to study questions of human flourishing from an interdisciplinary perspective. See more here.



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