Our Grants

The work of the Human Flourishing Program is supported by a number of research grants along with institutional support and individual donor contributions. Some of the major research grants that we have been awarded are described below.

- Our Research Grants -

Global Flourishing Study

(Consortium of Funders)

The Global Flourishing Study is a longitudinal research study being carried out in collaboration between scholars at the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard and Baylor’s Institute for Studies of Religion, and in partnership with Gallup and the Center for Open Science. The study will involve data collection for approximately 240,000 participants, from 22 geographically and culturally diverse countries, with nationally representative samples within each country, and with annual data collection on the same panel of individuals, with a rich set of survey items, for five waves of data. This $43.4 million initiative is being supported by a consortium of funders including the John Templeton Foundation, the Templeton Religion Trust, the Templeton World Charity Foundation, the Fetzer Institute, the Paul Foster Family Foundation, the Wellbeing for Planet Earth Foundation, the Well Being Trust, and the David & Carol Myers Foundation. The study will have the potential to transform and dramatically expand our knowledge concerning human flourishing.

Religion and Human Flourishing – New Empirical Approaches

(John Templeton Foundation)

We have received a grant from the John Templeton Foundation to study the role of religious communities in promoting human flourishing. The research supported by the grant will extend the current knowledge base to a broader range of well-being and flourishing outcomes beyond health, and to countries outside of the United States, by using rigorous methodological approaches arising out of causal inference and large longitudinal data sets.

Aetna Well-Being Assessment

(Aetna Inc.)

Together with the SHINE program at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, our well-being research is supported by a research agreement with Aetna Inc. to implement a well-being assessment and promotion program for Aetna employees and to develop data resources for the study of well-being in the workplace.

Building More Forgiving Communities

(Templeton World Charity Foundation)

Together with Man Yee Ho (City University of Hong Kong) and Everett Worthington (Program affiliate and emeritus faculty at Virginia Commonwealth University), we have received a grant from the Templeton World Charity Foundation to study and promote forgiveness around the world and evaluate the effects of a forgiveness workbook intervention in a randomized trial. The funded work is global in scope and includes promotion and research efforts in Columbia, South Africa, Ukraine, China, and Indonesia, ranging from forgiveness measurement, to forgiveness awareness, to intervention evaluation.

Community Flourishing in Columbus

(Columbus Foundation)

We have received a grant from Columbus Foundation to assess and study community well-being and individual-level well-being in Columbus, Ohio, using both our individual flourishing and community well-being metrics.

- Institutional Support and Donors -

We are also very grateful for institutional and research staff financial support from the Foundation for Excellence in Higher Education, the Kern Family Foundation, and numerous individual donors to sustain our efforts to study and promote human flourishing. Without their support, we could not carry out our work.