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The Human Flourishing publishes roughly monthly research summaries on some of our work to study and promote flourishing. These are sent out by e-mail (sign up here) and published by Psychology Today. You can find our past postings on the links below:



Flourishing Amidst the Coronavirus


Positive Epidemology


What is Positive Epidemiology? 

purpose in life


What Brings Meaning and Purpose in Life? 

supportive employment


Work Instead of Welfare for Flourishing– How Far Does It Go? 

children and generosity


Does a Religious Upbringing Promote Generosity or Not? 

video games and flourishing


Video Games, Violence, Media, and Suicide 

flourishing and medicine


Flourishing in Medicine 

Parental love


How Parental Love Impacts Flourishing Later in Life 



Forgiveness: An Important Aspect of Flourishing