The Brain Resides in the Soul (Not the Other Way Around) by Brendan W. Case [ChurchLifeJournal]

March 18, 2021

Associate Director for Research, Brendan W. Case, has contributed "The Brain Resides in the Soul (Not the Other Way Around)" for Church Life Jounral

Below is an excerpt from Brendan's article:

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"A great deal of philosophical heat, though rather less light, has been generated in recent decades by the ambition to reduce mind to some more basic reality describable by physics. The physicalist is emboldened by the evident entanglement of brain states with mental states, which seems to require that a Cartesian mind, in kind and subsistence distinct from bodily “extension,” must be at most a mere constitutional monarch, reigning perhaps, but not governing. The physicalists also have had to deal with dissenters within the ranks, however, notably “the new mysterians,”[1] who abjure appeals to spooky entities such as “spirit” or “intellect,” but nonetheless argue against the reducibility of mind and mental life to the mobile quantities described by the natural sciences."