The Moral and Epistemological Problem of Admiration in Fame - Wojciech Kaftanski, presentation at University of Tilburg

December 17, 2020

Wojciech Kaftanski will be presenting at Philosophy of Fame and Celebrity workshop at Tilburg Univeristy. In his paper, entitled "The Moral and Epistemological Problem of Admiration in Fame", Wojciech argues that fame, together with its modern form of celebrity challenges the moral and epistemological value of admiration espoused widely by moral exemplarists. More specifically, in contrast to the view held by, among others, Linda Zagzebski that admiration is disclosive of moral and non-moral excellences, I argue that, at least in some cases, admiration can arise in us in response to the unmerited and immoral objects of fame. We can admire bad people or people without merit just because they are famous.

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