Health, Society, and Well-Being Initiative

The Health, Society, and Well-Being Initiative is led by Dr. Laura Kubzansky, Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences and co-Director of JPB Environmental Health Fellows Program at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and an affiliate and long-time collaborator with the Human Flourishing Program. The Initiative builds on Dr. Kubzansky’s extensive scholarship in the science of positive health, building programming and research in the field of positive epidemiology. HSWI focuses on activities that investigate linkages across positive psychological and social well-being, positive social environments, and physical health, with an emphasis on identifying strategies for increasing health equity and translating this research into policy and practice. With a focus on population-level health and well-being, the initiative supports and enhances the Human Flourishing Program’s goals of uniting the humanities and quantitative social science and answering scientific questions about human flourishing.